Football fans should be a voting block

Has America ever been this divided? At least since the Civil War? No, it hasn’t.

As we look back at the nation’s history, there’s always plenty of division between liberals and conservatives, but not like the current social environment where pure hatred seems to just hang in the air. And, decency and honor are just words. So, how can the nation move forward, pull together, especially in such trying times? Is Joe Biden the answer now that he’s President?

What if football was the answer? Football fans are the answer.

What if football fans across the nation became something of a political party without actually being a political party? Fans became a voting block, and focused their voice on actual issues for the government - for elected leaders - to address post haste because those issues need solutions to make the nation a better place. To make people happier. And expected their leaders to act just as we expect coaches to act, behave.

Far left? Far right? Nope, just actions, solutions that make sense to the largest part of the population. Is the center really a solution? It’s a start, and more importantly, it’s progress toward dialogue that doesn’t currently exist.



January 20, 2021

The Deep State Fighting Illuminati take on The Electoral College Gerrymanderers in a battle to decide the future of Democracy in the United States.

About Us

Deep State Football Club is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, and plays in the area adult football community when the opportunity arises. With all the excitement of the 2020 Election, the club has decided to participate in public activities again, especially with rival The Electoral College considering playing again as well.